Teaching Methodology :- The City College approach to teaching is simple but effective. Our aim is to help students maximize their potential by ensuring that they are taught clearly and effectively so as to facilitate success in the course assessments and examinations - which lead to success in their careers.

Renowned Faculty : - The finest programs can only be as good as the faculty who deliver them. The City College philosophy is to recruit and retain the best minds as its core faculty. Faculty members, both visiting & permanent, are selected from a pool of pre-eminent academicians to provide that leading edge.

Lectures : - Lectures at The City College are used primarily to identify and explain key aspects of the subject so that the students can utilize their private study time more effectively. Lectures are the students’ guide and focused route through the syllabus. Our lecture ethos is to guide, explain and teach rather than to transmit factual material, which can be readily obtained from the recommended texts in private study.

Seminars : - Seminars complement lectures very well. They are designed to give students an opportunity to test their understanding of the material covered in lectures and private study by reference, usually to a set of questions identified in advance. Seminars give students an opportunity to clarify any doubts and to develop their oral communication skills.

Case Studies : - An important learning methodology used at The City College is case studies. Case studies enable the students to put into use  the concepts that they learn in their subjects. Students have to study the case, analyze the facts presented therein, and arrive at their conclusions and recommendations. The case study tests the students’ ability to apply to the real world the tools and techniques of analysis which they have learnt. In this sense, the case study serves as a supplement to the theoretical knowledge being imparted through the course work.

Assessment : - Since programs of The City College are validated by a university, they conform to high academic and evaluation standards. There are varied methods of assessment depending upon the demand of each course. Internal assessments are done with the help of written sessional examinations, practical examinations, assignments, attendance, case studies, group activities and dissertation.

College - Parent Interaction :- To make the parents aware of the performance of their ward, the college management prepares various reports regarding attendance, general performance, assessment details etc. of every student. The report is then directly sent to the parents. On the basis of this report parents are expected to talk to the college management about their ward and a relationship beneficial to the students follows.

Student Feedback :- Student feedback is an integral part of the overall strategy of development at The City College. An efficient student feedback procedure ensures an in-depth review of the teaching standard of the collage. This leads to progressive changes in meeting the new requirements of students with changing times. Student feed back  also exposes any weak area in teaching methodology of specific faculty members that may then be dealt with and eliminated.

Intensive Industry Involvement :- The exposure and understanding of industry is a key factor in transforming students into professionals who can deliver results on the job. The distinguishing features of some of the programs cover a spectrum of business sectors through internship, dissertation, development project and industry study.

Personality & Career Development :- If you conduct a quick reality check, you'll find that most applicants for a job are at par when it comes to academic and technical competence in which case the final criteria for selection are communication skills, conduct and grooming. This is why personal and career development have been given special emphasis at The City College. We provide guidance on CV writing, Interview skills and job prospects. Personality Development classes are conducted to prepare our students for the future corporate world. Students are encouraged to actively participate in group discussions, workshops & extra curricular activities to enhance their personality traits.

Additionally, The city college also provides special trainings to students tailored to their courses to that students are exposed to corporate expectations at the college level and are well-equipped to handle industry requirements as soon as they graduate.

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